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Job hunting is challenging and can be frustrating when it doesn’t bring the wished results. Read some quick advice to increase your chances to get hired!

Define Your Career Goals

Where do you want to be in one year, or in five years? Make the right steps, focusing on the jobs that bring you there, giving the right experience and opportunities to grow.

Update Your CV / Resume

Keep it short, simple but exaustive, clear, relevant to the job you are applying to. Some people have more than one Curriculum Vitae, according to the job they are applying to. Follow this guidelines to improve your CV or get free advice to improve your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Write a Catchy Cover Letter

Present yourself in a clear way, concise and convincing.

Optimize Your Profile on LinkedIn

Use the right keywords, write a great description outlining your skills, experience, personality and desires, ask for endorsements and recommendations from friends and current/past colleagues, follow relevant companies, post relevant content, be exaustive and relevant to the field you want to work on.

Check Your Social Media

Make sure that you don’t have weird posts publicly. Employers screen also your channels and some don’t like to hire people with a negative presence on social networks. Building your personal branding is essential, not only on LinkedIn.

Network with Peers

Intersted in a specific company, sector or country? Ask your friends or network on LinkedIn. You might get impressive feedback hard to find online.

Make a Schedule for Your Actions

Don’t act randomly but make a detailed action plan.

Improve Your Communication Strategy

Expressing yourself well gives a great first impression, a fundamental starting point.

Track Your Applications

Use a tool, even a spreadsheet on Excel, to track your applications and their outcome, with date, answers received, other details.

Follow-up After Applying

Don’t forget your applications. Follow up and show interest by asking about the status or more information missing in the job description.

Improve Your Interview Skills

You can follow these great resources to improve your interview skills, being more confident in answering the most classic or weird questions you might be asked by the hiring manager during a call or interview.

Write an Great Thank You Note

After receiving an answer by your potential employer, send a thank-you note.

Learn Negotiation Skills

When you face a job interview, you should be able to negotiate salary and conditions. Check these fantastic courses on Udemy or LinkedIn Learning.

Not least… never give up!

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